Refresh Your Day with These Agua Fresca Flavors – Fresh Mexican Food Series

Artesanal Agua Fresca Flavors

You know you need the agua fresca flavors of an Ori’Zaba’s Strawberry or Watermelon Agua Fresca artisan drink when…

…that voice in your head is running “I woke up exhausted. Nothing seems to be going my way today! I need a fresh start!”

These Artisan Drinks Are Legit

“Artisan, artisanal, what are you Etsy?”

No, silly, we’re a Mexican food grill committed to authentic handmade fresh Mexican food!

When it comes to artisan drinks, we’re talking about handmade recipes, small-batch preparation, and fresh whole ingredients.

The fruit is chopped by hand and then masterfully blended.

Agua Fresca Flavors, Tell Me More

Remember our fruit, like our veggies, is always fresh and never frozen.

That means in addition to our signature Horchata Agua Fresca flavor, we also offer rotating seasonal flavors such as spring’s Strawberry or Watermelon Agua Fresca flavors.

Hopefully, by now it goes without saying, you’ll encounter absolutely no artificially flavored fruit syrups!

Instead, we sweeten some agua fresca flavors with sugar, while others have agave.

How Thirsty Are You Really?

So after reading all this, tell me how thirsty are you really?

When it comes to ordering one of these deliciously refreshing drinks you can order by the glass or by the gallon.

While the gallon size was initially designed for sharing…

…you know communing with loved ones and whatnot, we wouldn’t (we couldn’t) hold it against you if you kept every single drop of your delicious agua fresca for yourself!

This is part 2 of “fresh series”. The first blog is live here:

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