Rewards Reap Loyalty

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Diners have so many options today that it can be challenging to keep them coming back. One way that can help drive loyalty is a reward program that incents customers to return to reap the benefits. If you’re considering investing in a franchise business, ask if they offer such a program. Key elements to consider include:

  • Structure: Some restaurants award diners’ points for their patronage based on their total check amount, while others reward diners based on the number of specific items they purchase.
  • Expiration: In certain establishments, points expire after a certain period of time. While this approach may incent diners to return quickly, it could also dissuade them from coming back if they’ve lost unused points.
  • Reward Thresholds: Reward programs require diners to accumulate a certain number of points before they can redeem them for discounted or free products. The key is to have a threshold that’s high enough to require multiple visits but not so high that diners feel it’s unattainable.
  • Other Perks: In addition to points for products, some reward programs allow members access to other benefits as well, like advance notice of new items or savings opportunities.

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