Dare to be Spicy

I’ve got this friend that loves to find the hottest hot sauce he can find, and then he proceeds to dare me to dump half the bottle on whatever I am eating, to see if I can stand the heat. Usually, I end up with tears streaming down my face and in between bites, I emphatically delare, “It’s not that spicy, I can easily finish this.” My friend finds his spicy dares, incredibly funny! 

Do you have a friend like that, too?

Well, I am always on the lookout for a place that I can take my friend, who is always craving spicy food, for a friendly #spicychallenge. You know, give him a taste of his own medicine. He loves spicy food of any sort. 

Rock the Guac

I found that Ori’Zaba’s has a spicy guacamole, but only for a limited time. I did a bit of research and found they use chipotle chili peppers and the kicker, chile de arbol peppers. Chile de arbol peppers are SIX times hotter than a jalapeno pepper…spicy score!

Fresh avocados, red onion, cilantro, fresh lime juice and garlic, round out this perfect spicy topping. This unassuming groovy mash of green goodness had the potential to give my friend a little bit of zing…let’s do this!

Spicy Guacamole Challenge

I took advantage of a Black Friday Gift Card Special (I spent $25 and got $5 free) and treated my friend to a casual, socially distanced lunch. We ordered our favorites for carry out, found a park, and spread out our tasty treats.

I ordered a Balsamic Chicken Bowl with a dollop of guac, because I’m trying to balance out all of the holiday treats I’ve been noshing on, and my friend ordered a Surf & Turf Burrito, which includes spicy salsa and he also humored me by adding two scoops of the Spicy Guacamole. This was going to be awesome, I was waiting for the tears to flow like Niagra Falls down his face!

Wait For It

Munching away on my Balsamic Chicken Bowl, (which by the way, tastes way too good to be 498 calories!) I was stealing glances out of the corner of my eye, as my friend dived into his burrito, that was slathered with the Spicy Guacamole. He is a fan of steak and shrimp and the fact they are paired with chipotle ranch in this indulgent burrito, was just making him giddy. He couldn’t chow down fast enough. 

And then he stopped.

He looked at me.

And then he grabbed my giant cup of Agua Fresca and started to chug, it was spilling down the front of his shirt, but he didn’t care. 

It’s the kick at the end that gets him every, single time. But then he dived back into that burrito and declared, “Dang, that’s good!”

Craving Spicy Food

I think next time Ori’Zaba’s has their Super Spicy Salsa available, I’m going tempt my friend with their #spicysalsachallenge. It was gratifying to watch him, for a moment, feel the heat of the spice. But let’s face it, some people’s taste buds are just made to endure the kick of hot peppers. I’m glad there are salsa and guac options for us all to enjoy!

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