Save Time During the Holidays  


Less Stress, More Joy!

Life is stressful enough during the holidays. It’s an especially hectic time where money is tight, schedules are packed, and houseguests are lining up. Between holiday guests, office parties, sale shopping, and trying to stay at least a little healthy, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Let Ori’Zaba’s help you save time during the holidays so you can spend more precious time with friends and family this year.

Catering options

Make Your Holiday Events Easier with Catering

Even if you’re a great cook, last-minute holiday invites can leave you exhausted and flustered. To avoid kitchen chaos, the Ori’Zaba’s holiday party catering team is always on call.

Ori’Zaba’s offers fresh, delicious, and affordable holiday party catering options for every occasion, from busy weeknights to office parties to weddings and everything in between. 

Save Time & Stress – Don’t spend all your time in the kitchen sweating over the stove when you could be sipping a Zabarita* with friends and family! Instead, let Ori’Zaba’s make you a holiday feast that day. You deserve to enjoy the holidays, too! 

Cover Everyone’s Dietary Restrictions – Long gone are the days when dinner guests came with no conditions. Let Ori’Zaba’s mix and match to cover all the dietary needs in your group, so we can do all the work and you can get all the credit.

Eat Bold, Exciting, Comfort Food – No one wants the same, bland holiday party catering options that are so overused during the holidays. Spice up your celebration with bold, exciting, authentic flavors of our scratch-made Mexican cuisine.

Catering Holidays

Meal Planning Makes for Healthier Holidays

Between the treats from school, bowls of red and green candy at every turn, and tins of precious homemade cookies, there’s no harder time of the year to eat wholesome, nourishing food. Making a meal plan is one of the most fundamental ways you can save money and time during the holidays while staying on track.

Quick and Convenient – Our fast casual atmosphere makes it easy to pop in for an easy and delicious lunch that meets your lifestyle goals. That’s at least one lunch this week you don’t have to pack! Order online for takeout or delivery to save time.

Budget-friendly – Let’s face it: time is money. Plan your week around our deals and promotions to stretch that budget! Every Sunday is Kids Eat Free, and we offer 10% OFF to all active, reserved, and retired Military members, every day, all year long. Plus, our ZIPs (Zaba’s Important People) get special perks and earn rewards with every purchase.

Gift Cards

Simplify Gift Giving

Is it just us, or does the list of gifts we have to buy every year keep getting longer? Don’t spend all night browsing products or going from store-to-store – save time during the holidays and gift your support system with the best meal in town! 

Show your appreciation to your teachers, postal workers, office support staff, and everyone else that makes your life easier all year round. Get a 20% bonus gift with Ori’Zaba’s gift card purchases this holiday season and check off everyone on your list in no time. 

Buy $25 – get $5 

Buy $50 – get $10 

Buy $100 – get $20 

Available until December 31, 2022, IN-STORE ONLY. No limit!

*Alcohol served at participating locations only

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