Successful Food Franchises Stay Seasonal

One of the best ways to bring customers through restaurant doors is to rotate fresh menu items throughout the year, and seasonal changes provide ideal occasions for promotional launches. When you’re investigating fast casual franchises, look for those that promote new offerings as the seasons shift, such as:

  • Winter: No matter what type of climate diners live in, comfort reigns in the winter months. Restaurants on trend often capitalize on cravings for warm, hearty additions like food with smoky or spicy flavors.
  • Spring: Guilt-free options are always popular in the spring, when customers who dine out tend to focus more on health and fitness in anticipation of the warm summer months. This time of year, franchises should mix up their menus with light fare like new salads.
  • Summer: Cool, refreshing drinks are great additions to a menu when the mercury rises. Consider businesses that launch new drinks each year with flavors like lime or even cucumber to keep customers chill.
  • Fall: To many, autumn signals sports. Some franchises are great at offering new menu items that are perfect for taking to parties or tailgates like dips and salsas. Or, even cater so patrons can relax and enjoy game day.

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