Support for Success: Four Types of On-Site Experiences Key for Franchisees

If you’re looking at investing in a fast-casual franchise, it’s critical to find out what kind of corporate support you’ll receive. And among the most valuable is in-person attention. Here are four types of on-site support a business should offer its owners.

  • Site Selection/Build-out Assistance: When you’re searching for the perfect location, it’s essential to have corporate help with the site and building plans to maintain branding and customer expectations.
  • Pre-opening Support: The best franchises give their franchisees all the help they need prior to launch to ensure a smooth and successful opening so ask about what kind of pre-opening assistance they offer.
  • Training: In addition to online training, seek out companies that provide live instruction to ensure that all staff members are sufficiently educated on standards, protocols, and technology to make the site run optimally.
  • On-site Visits: Look for a company that schedules visits at least quarterly. During these sessions, you can ask questions, discuss performance problems, identify solutions to issues you didn’t even know existed, and strengthen the franchisor-franchisee relationship.

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