Tech Talks When it Comes to Franchising

Technology has revolutionized the franchise industry. If you’re considering investing in a franchise, make sure it leverages the latest advances to benefit owners and customers. Here are some tools to look for:

  • POS: Some franchises go beyond the basics and combine their technology with marketing systems that drill down on guest visits and drive efforts to get them back.
  • Online Training: Consistency is key so many franchises back live training with modules that feature engaging videos and knowledge checks to ensure the content’s mastered.
  • Social Media: Franchises should engage in fun ways to build their brand and customers, and use tools like geofencing for more targeted outreach.
  • Financial Management: Reporting is essential so check for a restaurant-specific system with real-time visibility into product ordering and pricing, sales trends, and profitability.
  • Digital Menu Boards: Advanced solutions for evolving products and pricing like digital menu boards allow for better promotion management to drive sales.
  • Online Ordering: Many customers want mobile ordering so if you’re evaluating a business with take-out options, check if it gives diners this flexibility and freedom.

Technology is giving franchisees greater control than ever over their business and future so investigate advancements at franchises you’re considering.


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