Tell Us! How Do YOU Like YOUR Ori’Zaba’s?!

Three tacos in a basket

How Do YOU Like Your Ori’Zaba’s?  

Calling all Ori’Zaba’s Fanatics!

Tell us how you combine our fresh, flavorful ingredients, into YOUR OWN perfect Ori’Zaba’s meal.

Every single day at Ori’Zaba’s we’re impressed with the creativity (and good taste) you show us with your own special combinations of ingredients.    This is exactly what Ori’Zaba’s envisioned for our guest when we formed the company – the freshest ingredients, prepared daily, in a TOTALLY customizable combination of ingredients and flavors.


Some people build their nachos upside-down – ingredients on bottom, chips on top.

Some like their tacos with the cheese under the meat, so it melts.

Some like mild salsa on their entree, with a side of hot salsa for discretionary mix in.

Some prefer fish tacos with cabbage.

Some like their produce inside their burrito.  Some like it on top.

Some want dressing instead of salsa – some combine salsas and dressings.

With more than 50 items prepared fresh daily – the flavor combinations seem endless!  


Even swapping out a tortilla type, of type of bean or rice can impact the flavor profile.

Hint: we have many options for those with dietary restrictions too!


Some guest are content with “their usual”, while are others aren’t happy unless they challenge themselves with something new and interesting.


This summer we’ll be asking social media followers to

 “Tell Us How You Like Your Ori’Zaba’s!”  


Each week will focus on a particular item – we kick off this week with the Burrito.   


To get us started, here’s a Burrito – DJW’s way!  

Flour Tortilla

3 Zalapeno balls (fried jalapeño tots)



Sour cream



DJW’s  testimonial:  

“This is the best burrito I’ve ever eaten.  

I’m not kidding.  

I’ve been dreaming about this!  

Its even better than I imagined.”  



Have fun! Experiment.

Let us know your favorite combinations. Who knows, if we like it enough we may even put YOUR combination on our menu and name it after you?!?!


Challenge us!  We think we’ve heard it all – but I bet we’re wrong!  


Watch for social media posts each week and tell us how you make them Ori’Zaba’s YOUR WAY.


Week of July 1 – Burritos
Week of July 8 – Tacos
Week of July 16 – Bowls
Week of July 24 – Speciality Drinks
Week of Aug 1 – Nachos and Appetizers
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