The Art of Food…. & Numbers?

Food is art, not a number. Right?

Large segments of our population are becoming more health conscious – are you one of them? Are you finding it challenging to get healthy options, especially when dining out?

Savvy diners like yourself are seeking ways to maintain flavor and satisfaction at a nearby restaurant, while lowering calories, fat, or animal protein. Ori’Zaba’s flexible made-to-order menu meets any dietary demand. We even understand how terribly frustrating it is for those with gluten, nut or dairy restrictions.

Sometimes “dining out healthy” feels insurmountable – not so at Ori’Zaba’s.

We have thousands of flavor and item combinations for even the pickiest of patrons. You really can judge food by its numbers. Here are a few that might catch your eye:

Did you know:

– 63% of our items are oil free? 36 items contain ZERO OIL

– 72% of Ori’Zaba’s menu is plant based! 41 options to try!

– Only 14% of our items contain dairy… still plenty of delicious options for dairy intolerance or vegan preference.

– 91% of our menu is gluten free! No gluten doesn’t have to mean no flavor!

– 96% of our menu is nut free.

What do all those numbers add up to? 100% flexibility in choices to meet any dietary preference.

And one last number for you… over 50 items are made fresh daily in Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Kitchen. No freezers, only whole ingredients, hand-chopped, marinated and prepared just for you. Tacos, burritos, bowls, nachos, taquitos, salads and more!

Get to Ori’Zaba’s – tell us which numbers are important for you! Hecho Fresco:Made Fresh


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