The Women of Ori’Zaba’s, Celebrating International Women’s Month. 

March is International Women’s Month.  And did you know Ori’Zaba’s has a high percentage of female employees?  


In fact….

  • 6 of our 7 locations boast female General Managers

  • all our locations have female Assistant Managers

  • we have female executives

  • a female co-owner!


That’s a lot of girl power!    


Surprisingly, the restaurant industry as a whole does a pretty good in hiring and promoting female employees.


According the National Restaurant Association, restaurants have played a large role in American women’s lives – 6 in 10 of us have worked in the restaurant industry at some point in our life.  And more than half of the restaurants in the US have women as full-time owners or co-owners.  And women dominate in catering, sales and event manager positions!


Ironically, women do not dominate the chef role, smashing the old adage that women are better in the kitchen.


It’s great that women play such an integral role in the food service industry.   Every time we eat out we are supporting women in the work force! 


In 2011 the White House issued a 50-year progress report on the status of women in the United States.  It found that younger women are now more likely than their male counterparts to hold a college degree, and the number of men in the labor force has nearly equalized.   Way to go ladies!


During this month of celebration, we salute the women of Ori’Zaba’s, who help drive our Ori’Zaba’s culture of work hard/play hard.  These ladies truly love what they do, and their ideas, passion and dedication help set Ori’Zaba’s apart from the rest.  


Thanks to our Ori’Zaba’s Women – and to all the staff at Ori’Zaba’s who work tirelessly to make each experience in our restaurants a memorable (and delicious) one.

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