Ultimate Steak Fries

Ultimate Steak Fries

Have you tried Ori’Zaba’s Ultimate Steak Fries? 

Bring your hungriest self because this mountain of magic yum requires an empty belly or many friends to share it with!

Beyond Steak Fries

Our creation takes steak fries to the next level. Heaps and mounds of deep fried, diced potatoes and marinated sirloin plus tasty toppings, makes this dish a meal to conquer, share or divide.

  • Seven heaping scoops of diced potatoes
  • Hand-trimmed sirloin marinated in our trademark Zabadobo
  • Pinto Beans
  • Two servings of queso
  • Guacamole
  • Ori’Zaba’s cheese blend
  • Pico de Gallo
  • In-house roasted and diced jalapenos
  • All topped with Chipotle Ranch

All of your favorite Ori’Zaba’s ingredients are included in this filling dish. When nachos aren’t enough and a burrito just won’t do, the answer is Ultimate Steak Fries!

Loaded with Fresh Flavors

Ingredients at Ori’Zaba’s are fresh, never frozen. And that goes for all of the goodness that is piled on these Steak Fries. Our popular pico is made with freshly chopped tomatoes and our guacamole is hand crafted from scratch everyday with only FRESH avocados, never frozen. This is a dish that you won’t find at any of the other fast casual Mexican restaurants. You’ll only find Ultimate Steak Fries made with sirloin and marinated in our one of a kind Zabadobo seasoning at Ori’Zaba’s!

Once you dive into these Ultimate Steak Fries, your brain will tell you to keep on munching as your belly screams, “Stop! I’m full!”  However, we are willing to bet you will make room for the last few bites, because these fries are too good to leave hanging! Try the Ultimate Steak Fries now

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