What The Heck is Horchata?

Horchata!  Who you callin’ a horchata?!?


Pronounced or-CHAW-da, Horchata is a traditional creamy drink made from milk (and/or ground and drained rice or almonds), combined with water, sugar and cinnamon, and then served cold.  Some variations include vanilla, nutmeg or cocoa.


Horchata is a refreshing drink served in many Latin American countries and Spain, and is truly the perfect complement to flavorful, spicy Mexican Food.  


There are endless ways to prepare Horchata – some exclude milk altogether, opting for a non-dairy approach with rice soaked in water and then strained and blended with sugar and spice. Variations can be heavier and sweeter, while other recipes call for light and refreshing versions.  There is no right or wrong way to prepare Horchata – just preference.


Even the coffee houses are picking up on the Horchata trend, making blended drinks with milk and non-milk based Horchata, for a great flavor with a kick. Some have even called Horchata the next chai.  


The emergence of more ethnic food and drink in America has spurred trends in unique recipes such as Horchata – but Ori’Zaba’s has been serving our delicious fresh-made Horchata for years! We started serving Horchata, and other specialty drinks like Agua Fresca, because our customers were looking for healthy alternatives to soda.  All Ori’Zaba’s specialty drinks are prepared fresh daily, made from scratch in our kitchens.


Horchata is the perfect refreshing drink to pair with an Ori’Zaba’s meal. Keep your eyes and ears peeled – we will be launching new Horchata flavors soon!    

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