What to Look for When Considering a Franchise Opportunity

Are you considering a franchise opportunity but don’t know where to begin? Many important factors need to be examined before making your decision. Consider your interests, your goals, and the amount of time and money you are willing to invest. The following guidelines should prove helpful in choosing the right franchise for you.

Complete Freedom or Proven Structure?

It’s important to decide whether you’re more interested in becoming a franchisee or an independent business owner. If you want more freedom in making business decisions and don’t need an established business model or brand to get you started, then you may be better suited starting your own small business. However, if you are more comfortable with established guidelines and a proven business model, a franchise is your best bet. When you look at a franchisor as a partner in business, someone who shares your business goals and offers guidance and support, it’s easier to pick the best one for you.

How Much Are You Willing to Invest?

We all know it takes money to make money, but it’s important to have an idea of how much money you can reasonably invest. When starting any business, you must purchase supplies and equipment, and in some cases hire employees and rent space. The majority of franchises expect enough capital to cover the basic costs to get you off the ground. A good rule of thumb is to have at least twice as much money available to invest than the actual franchise fee, that way you can cover any added expenses such as salaries or utilities.

Do Your Homework

It’s important to do some research into any franchise you’re considering purchasing, so you’re informed about things such as brand establishment and market opportunity. Making an investment decision based on emotion without proper research can prove costly. Before you make that leap of faith, it’s wise to make sure that what you’re selling is well-known and that there are people out there who will likely become your customers.

Ask Questions

Purchasing a franchise is a huge decision, and it’s important to be clear about the details. Be sure to carefully read the business agreement and research the franchise’s history. If you have questions, get answers. Interview the franchisor to make certain you understand exactly what’s expected of you as a franchisee and what the parent company offers its franchisees. Starting a franchise is an investment into your future, and should be a thoroughly informed decision. 

Learn More

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