What’s the difference between fast casual and fast food?

With fast casual being the quickest growing segment of the restaurant industry in the past five years, serious entrepreneurs may want to consider these franchises as an investment option. But if you’re looking for opportunities, you may be wondering just what the difference is between fast casual and fast food.

Generally speaking, fast food chains offer diners quick meal options that get them in and out. Fast casual, on the other hand, aims to create more of an experience for customers with inviting atmospheres that invite them to linger.

Another key difference is often found in the type of food offered. While fast food menu choices are often simple and less expensive, many fast casual franchise businesses aim to elevate the options with fresh ingredients, made-to-order preparation – which allows for customization – as well as healthier options like organic meals.

In essence, fast casual combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of quick service with higher-quality options that appeal to more discretionary tastes.

With diners increasingly moving away from traditional fast food restaurants, if you’re looking to invest in a growth segment, fast casual may be the right choice for you.

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