When it Comes to Food Franchising, Quality Matters

Consistent quality is key to a franchise business’ brand, and owner success. So, when you’re considering investing in a food franchise, be sure to pay attention to the processes and procedures in place to help ensure quality—and your reputation—such as:

  • Recipe Standards: From food portioning to prep, ask about how the franchise business standardizes recipes for consistency in each location.
  • Training: Make sure the franchise business offers a training course that covers how to prepare each menu item. And offers ongoing support in case employees have questions.
  • Systems: Documentation is key so ask about the availability of a comprehensive manual that covers every aspect of running the business, including extensive proprietary recipe documentation.
  • Purchasing: Buying ingredients centrally from a master vendor will not only keep quality up to par but also improve your profitability and competitive edge as well.
  • Food Safety: Various factors like food handling and storage and cleanliness are critical to enhanced quality and reduced risk, so ask about procedures that demonstrate a culture of food safety.

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