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Grilled Chicken

All natural chicken marinated in Zabadobo™.

Grilled Steak

Hand-trimmed sirloin marinated in Zabadobo™.

Shredded Beef

Slow roasted for hours, juicy & full of flavor.

Grilled Lime Shrimp

Smoky & spicy, grilled with a squeeze of lime.

Battered Fish

Cod, hand battered in a rice flower, and fried to golden perfection.

OZ JackAsada

Shredded jackfruit simmered in smoky adobo – Ori’Zaba’s elevated plant-based carnitas.

Vegetarian Style

Choose Guacamole instead of a meat option.

'The Good, The Naughty, The Delicious
a tu salud: to your health

Ori’Zaba’s features low oil, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian & plant-based options, perfect for everyone in the family.

Street Taco Combo

4″ Street Corn Tortillas, chicken, pico de gallo, onion, cilantro, & lime. Comes with a fountain drink.

Skinny Chicken Wrap

Wheat tortilla, chicken, chipotle ranch, pico de gallo, lettuce, cheese.

OZ JackAsada Tacos

Jackfruit carnitas, fajita mix, potatoes, cabbage, guacamole, & limes.

Balsamic Chicken Bowl

Chicken, black beans, fajita mix, pico de gallo, corn salsa, balsamic vinaigrette, cabbage.

don't forget the good

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& something just for the kids

Includes kids size chips & kids drink

Kids Quesadilla

Served with a side of rice & beans
veggie, meat, or seafood.

Kids Bowl

Rice, beans, plus 2 toppings
veggie, meat, or seafood.

Kids Bean & Cheese Burrito

Rice, beans, plus 2 toppings
veggie, meat, or seafood.

Two Kids Tacos

Includes 2 toppings
veggie, meat, or seafood.

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Spicy Guac

Spicy Guac is handmade with perfectly ripe avocados, juicy jalapeños, and smoky, roasted arbol chilis for the perfect amount of smooth spice. Get it while it lasts – Made fresh every day until March 31 only.

Items may vary per location.

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