January is National Soup Month    And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious bowl of Tortilla Soup?     Ori’Zaba’s Tortilla Soup is Back!     As the nights get cooler, just like clockwork our customers start begging for the return of our Tortilla Soup.  If you’ve never tried our Tortilla Soup, […]

Mexican Christmas Traditions.     While many of the American traditions derive from Northern Europe (such as the Christmas Tree, wreaths and Santa Clause), in Mexico the Christmas influences come from Spanish (early Catholic priests) and indigenous culture.   The Nativity Scene (often elaborate, even life-size), and displayed both in yards and within the home, […]

Calling all Christmas Procrastinators (or if you prefer…non-worriers?  sale- seekers?) There’s Just 12 Days Left!  Did you know the average family is predicted to spend $906* this year on Christmas?   And while there are a lot of people who shop earlier in the year (what are they, robots?), or on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, December […]

Come to Ori’Zaba’s to Commemorate National Brownie Day – December 8th! Mention this blog, get a free brownie!   We know you all love the infamous Ori’Zaba’s Brownie!   Some may think its odd to have a brownie with Mexican food, but Mexican chocolate traditions run far a wide!  And of course traditional Mexican chocolate has […]

The Dreaded Office Holiday Party!    Not everyone loves a holiday party. Forcing people to hang out socially can be challenging. (especially after spending a huge portion of their life working together)   BUT there are ways to make it fun for all.     For example – start out with food EVERYONE wants (hint: […]

Ori’Zaba’s Giving –  Food For The Soul   National Young Readers Week   Ori’Zaba’s Cares about our Las Vegas Community!  And we ESPECIALLY love all our Ori’Zaba’s Young Readers   In collaboration with Clark County School District, select schools participated in the First Annual Ori’Zaba’s National Young Readers program.   Between October 14th and November […]

Horchata!  Who you callin’ a horchata?!?   Pronounced or-CHAW-da, Horchata is a traditional creamy drink made from milk (and/or ground and drained rice or almonds), combined with water, sugar and cinnamon, and then served cold.  Some variations include vanilla, nutmeg or cocoa.   Horchata is a refreshing drink served in many Latin American countries and […]