All Tortilla Soups Are Alike – Said No One, Ever.

Tortilla Soup – You Have to Love This Cold (& Warm) Weather Favorite!

If you’ve had one tortilla soup you’ve had them all – SAID NO ONE, EVER!

Tortilla Soup (Sopa Azteca De Tortilla) was once touted as “a sort of soul food soup” and no two Tortilla Soups are alike.
            – Chicken-stock based.
            – Tomato-stock based.
            – With Chicken, or without.
            – Roasted tomatoes, onions, garlic, spices and topped with crisp tortilla strips.
No matter the blend, Tortilla Soup is wonderfully satisfying.

Most believe Tortilla Soup originated in the Mexico City region (which by the way is also near Mt Orizaba, our Ori’Zaba’s namesake!).  It’s a flavorful and filling meal (or side) that’s not fussy or complicated. The signature flavor in tortilla soup derives from fried or toasted chilis that give the soup its deep, rich flavor.

The simplicity of the soup is what makes it special – the added toppings that blend beautifully make it exceptional.


Some like tortilla soup “as is”, while others go bold, topping their soup with crisp tortilla strips, diced avocado, or a spicy adobo sauce, cheese or a cool dollop of sour cream, even lime wedges, cilantro or crisp vegetables.  And dont forget a fresh tortilla (or two) to dip into the soup!  The combination of warm spicy soup, with cool crisp toppings really IS food that feeds the soul.
The beauty of Tortilla Soup is its flexibility, making it the perfect entree for parties and gatherings.   Start with a basic soup and have your guest customize their add in’s – get creative!

A seasonal favorite – Ori’Zaba’s Tortilla Soup IS BACK November 1st!  Stop by today and customize your soup to your taste!  It really will feed your soul.

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