Mexican Food Catering

Life is like a BUILD YOUR OWN .
The more spice you add, the better it gets!

Let the party start with us! Relax, we got the eats covered for your next special occasion. Add some spice with scratch-made Mexican food catering and watch the memorable moments unfold.

need to Feed a Crowdtoday?

Get Fresh Mexican Food Catering in a FLASH. FLASH.

No fuss, quick meals. After a long day when everyone is hungry and staring at you…order Ori’Zaba’s Mexican Food Catering!
Perfect for office luncheons or busy nights when the kids are hungry and you don’t have time to cook.
ZIPpik Bowls Orizabas Mexican Food Catering


Build Your Own 
5 Bowls, 5 Burritos, or 15 Tacos

Individually wrapped. Available immediately. Feeds up to 5 or up to 15.

Pick 1 Protein/Veg | White Rice and Black Beans | Shredded Cheese | Sour Cream | Shredded Lettuce | 5 Award Winning Zalapeño Balls | 2 Bags of Chips | Choice of Salsa
ZIPpik Tacos​ Orizabas Catering

ZIPpik Tacos

Build Your Own 
12 or 25 Tacos

Buffet style. Allow 6-hour notice. Feeds up to 12 or up to 25. 

Pick 1 Protein/Veg | Choose 2 Salsas | Shredded Cheese | Sour Cream | Shredded Lettuce | 6″ Flour Tortillas | Chicken Taquitos | Chips Tray
Zipserve Orizabas Catering

ZIPpik Bowls

Build Your Own 
12 or 25 Bowls

Buffet style. Allow 6-hour notice. Feeds up to 12 or up to 25. 

Pick 1 Protein/Veg | Choose 2 Salsas | Choice of Queso | Shredded Cheese | Shredded Lettuce | White Rice | Black Beans | Fountain Soda or Lemonade (1 Gallon) | Chips Tray

Mexican Cateringfor the holidays!

How are you going to feed all those hungry holiday guests?

We make special occasions more flavorful.
Our catering team is always on call to bring warmth, comfort, and tasty food to your guests. Customize your spread to build a meal with flavors everyone will enjoy. Easy meals mean more time to spend together. The best part? No kitchen duty!
Mexican Food Catering Buffet Style


  • Fiesta Bowl & Bar | Zaba’s Taco Bar
  • Pick Up, Delivery & Full Service
  • Easily feed 8 to 250!
Grilled Chicken | Grilled Steak | Grilled Shrimp | Shredded Beef | JackAsada | Fajita Mix
Includes: Chips & Salsa, Side Salad, Plates, Napkins, Utensils

platters, bundles, & popular Favorites

Avoid Kitchen Chaos.

Let the party start with us!
Wow your guests with the best Mexican food spread they’ve ever seen. Ori’Zaba’s Mexican food catering makes it easy to feed a crowd.
Let us do all the work, so you can get all the credit.
Appetizer Platter Orizabas Catering

Appetizer Platter

Serves up to 8

Street Corn | Rolled Chicken Taquitos | Chicken Street Tacos | Chips & Choice of Salsa | Cheese Quesadillas

Tortilla Ensalada​ Orizabas Mexican Catering

Tortilla Ensalada

Serves up to 8

Romaine Lettuce | Pico de Gallo | Fresh Cilantro | Corn | Salsa | Black Beans | Crispy Tortilla Strips | Choice of Dressing | Add Protein/Veg

Skinny Chicken Wrap Bundle

Skinny Chicken Wrap Bundle

16 Half Wraps

Whole Wheat Tortilla | Grilled Chicken | Pico de Gallo | Cheese | Lettuce | Chipotle Ranch 

Chips Salss Con Queso Bar​

Chips & Salsa Con Queso Bar

Feeds up to 10

Chips | Pico de Gallo | Green Salsa | Red Salsa | Queso

Food that feeds the Soul

Don’t believe us? Just ask our customers. Here are just a few of our fan's reviews:


Mexican Cateringmade from scratch

All ingredients prepped fresh daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

For large orders please place your order 24 hours in advance. All other orders can placed 4 hours before delivery. 
We deliver within 25 miles of any Ori’Zaba’s restaurant location.

There is no minimum order for catering. Order catering for small family meals or larger gatherings and events.

Yes, of course, and it is free to do so.

There is a $30 delivery fee with additional fees for 25+ mile deliveries. 

Our full-service catering runs $210 for 3 hours. Additional charges apply for additional hours (15% service fee applied to all full-service events).

If you have a special request our catering specialists take great pride in fulfilling those requests.

 Should additional costs be incurred, they will be added to the cost of the event.

Need to

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