Best Kept Zecret #7 – The Potato 

Potato Tacos

Best Kept Zecret #7

Potatoes are a traditional Mexican Food staple, & have been for 9000 years.

In keeping with old world Mexican flavors, Ori’Zaba’s has always offered potato-based menu options.

But did you know potatoes are core to a traditional Mexican food fare? Even ancient civilizations such as the Mayan and Aztec Empires used plentiful and locally grown ingredients, such as potato, sweet potato, vanilla, agave, avocado, tomatillo, and cactus. These ingredients can be traced back 9000 years. *

Potatoes have a unique way of taking on the flavors of the spices, and also add a creamier texture to dishes, without using dairy.

Ori’Zaba’s incorporates potato as a primary ingredient option to our dishes. We offer a traditional fried potato that blends well with vegetables and meats. And also (and surprisingly) a sweet potato option! Many are surprised by this unique choice when they first visit Ori’Zaba’s. But the sweet potatoes are a very popular choice as a core ingredient (or protein replacement), or even as a topping.

Keep in mind, if these ingredients were part of the tradition 9000 years ago, they’re worthy of a place on our delicious menu today!

And if potatoes weren’t an enticing enough addition to your bowl, burrito, salad, taco, try our fried potato tacos… perfectly seasoned potatoes in a corn tortilla, flash fried to a crispy perfection. To. Die. For.

And how could we forget…..Kids LOVE potatoes- and Ori’Zaba’s loves kids. (Kids eat free Sundays! Ask for details)

Come to Ori’Zaba’s today and add potatoes to your favorite dish. Deliciouso!

Tradition you can taste.

The Zecret (Zaba’s Secret) is out.


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