Fast Casual Restaurants Weathered COVID-19 Better Than Full Service

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Ori’Zaba’s positions franchise owners for growth in any economic conditions.

LAS VEGAS – More than 110,000 eating and drinking establishments in the US closed at least temporarily during the pandemic and sales fells by $240 billion in 2020 from their forecasted levels, according to the National Restaurant Association. However, the losses were disproportionately felt by full-service restaurants, making 

fastcasual Mexican chain Ori’Zaba’s an ideal franchise option for entrepreneurs.


The primary reason full-service restaurants fared worse during COVID-19 was the greater difficulty they faced in shifting to off-premise dining options. Fastcasual chains like Ori’Zaba’s, on the other hand, were able to quickly pivot during the pandemic to cater to those customers relying on online ordering, delivery, and curbside pickup. In fact, many of these options were already in place and Ori’Zaba’s locations were in a strong position when consumer behaviors changed virtually overnight.


“Even before the pandemic, we were always seeking innovative ways to appeal to diners, including adopting strategies to capitalize on the off-premises business, so we were ready to meet their needs when the world changed,” said Astute Brands Director of Consumer Product Management D.J. Wonnacott-Yahnke. “The ability to introduce new concepts and diversify our offerings is a core way we position franchise owners for success while solidifying our brand, reputation, and loyalty with customers.”


Other ways Ori’Zaba’s supports franchisees and furthers its commitment to their shared success include:


  • An established infrastructure with proven business practices, systems, sales, and management techniques
  • Optimized financial systems and marketing/labor processes to streamline operations
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder and online training to support all aspects of the business
  • Vendor partnerships that provide the best product costs, sourcing, and quality
  • Delivery/online ordering and catering that supplies additional revenue channels
  • Award-winning recipes with plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and oil-free options standard


Serious investors who want to benefit from Ori’Zaba’s fastcasual market growth opportunities can learn about franchising opportunities with the company by calling 952.388.4136, emailing, or visiting  


About Ori’Zaba’s – Ori’Zaba’s is a fastcasual Mexican restaurant chain whose mission is to feed the soul of every guest with oldworld Mexican flavors, made every day with care in our scratch kitchens, with the finest, freshest ingredients. Originating in Las Vegas in 2001, Ori’Zaba’s multiple locations can now be found throughout the city. To learn more, visit  



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