How We Can Help YOU Be The Hero At Your Next Event


Gathering together with friends and family almost always begs the question, “what are we going to eat?!” When I’m attending the gathering, I look forward to the event carefree, but when I’m hosting the gathering, it’s a different story.

Planning an event—big or small—can be stressful and time consuming. The team at Ori’Zaba’s has been a lifesaver for many of my gatherings, so I can enjoy the company of my guests worry-free and still pull off an incredible event. Even the best planner’s deserve a little support, right?

Pressure-free planning

When I’m ready to plan an event, I count on the catering team to help me whip up a perfect mix of comfort foods, platters, and drinks. They can also make suggestions on what menu options make the most sense based on my budget, along with offering suggestions on how much food to prepare for the size of the event. The catering menu offers an extensive variety of crowd pleasing foods and serving styles, such as family style platters, buffet style trays, themed platters and bundles, and even a la carte options, so there’s no shortage of options to fulfill my vision.

Transparent pricing

Before I started catering my gatherings, my biggest concerns were the cost and quality of food. I mean, what good is catering with hidden fees lurking around the corner? With Ori’Zaba’s, there’s transparent pricing and several serving styles, so there are no surprises and there’s something for every budget. Plus, the food is so good.

Smooth sailing service

Working with a team of experienced professionals is priceless. It can really make a difference in how the day of the event plays out. Dealing with a catering issue on the day of is not my idea of fun. From the first time I connect with the Ori’Zaba’s team, all the way through the day of the event, their dependable team shares updates and does everything they can to ensure a smooth, hassle-free event. 

As a natural event planner, I have planned an event or two… or twenty, so here are some sample menus that might help you, but the possibilities are endless! All buffet style catering packages include chips & salsa, a side salad, plates, forks, napkins, and serving utensils.

Birthday parties, Quinceañeras & baby showers

Choose a buffet style Taco Bar with your choice of black or pinto beans, brown or white rice, three salsas, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and warmed flour or crispy corn taco shells. 

Anniversary parties, retirement parties, family reunions & surprise wedding ceremonies

Consider the family style Build Your Own Bowls to please the crowd at your family gathering with your choice of two meats, chips & guac or queso, two gallons of Agua Fresca, 25 half brownies, and lettuce, cheese, salsa, white rice, and black beans. Round it off with a Party House Salad for a winning combination! 

Business luncheons, office parties & seminars

Snag a Burrito Bundle or Taquitos Platter for ultimate grab-n-go convenience, or Build Your Own Tacos with a choice of one or two meats, 24 warm flour tortillas, chips & two salsas, 12 chicken taquitos, and lettuce, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. 

Gathering to watch a sporting event

Grab a Game Day Platter that includes 12 chicken taquitos, 12 potato tacos, 12 zalapeno balls, one gallon of Agua Fresca, 12 half brownies, chips & queso, and two salsas.

Holiday gatherings & block parties

Impress the family with one of my personal favorites—the buffet style Fiesta Bowl & Bar that includes: two or three meats, black or pinto beans, brown or white rice, three salsas, cheese, sour cream, and lettuce. Or, go with the Please The Crowd Build Your Own Bowls for a family style experience.

No matter what event you have on the horizon, catering the food can help you plan a stress-free, delicious experience.

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