Lower Fees Can Jumpstart Franchisee Growth

Investing in a franchise can require significant up-front costs. Such fees may deter some entrepreneurs worried about recouping their money. To address this concern, some franchises have begun implementing lower fees to help investors become profitable sooner.

So when evaluating businesses, compare typical costs such as:

  • Initial Investment: This amount can vary based on the business, location and timeframe for opening.
  • Franchise Fee: This fee is required for each restaurant. Some businesses discount the fee for a second franchise if purchased at the same time.
  • Marketing and/or Advertising Costs: Franchises use different models for these activities such as a brand fund that supports consistency nationwide and local advertising used to promote the site in the community.
  • Other Ongoing Expenses: Some companies may also pass additional fees on to franchisees, such as the cost of training systems.

These expenses should all be spelled out clearly. If you have questions, ask for clarification. And if you need funding, be sure to check out the company itself to see if it offers financing or a list of vetted partners who can provide guidance for your specific financing needs.  

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