Ori’Zaba’s: A Pioneering Franchise with a Unique Veteran Focus


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“Ori’Zaba’s sees this franchise model as the perfect fit for ex-military members who already possess crucial skills and competencies to succeed as a franchisee,” says Owner & Veteran Kori McClurg.

When you enter an Ori’Zaba’s, you are greeted with a modern, lively interior with soothing colors and clean lines. The Old-World Mexican imagery decorating the walls portrays the timeless stories of cooking traditions, hinting at what is being prepared in the busy scratch kitchen at the back.

The popular Mexican restaurant chain based in Las Vegas has built a reputation for its delicious menu and health-conscious ways of preparing food. Its motto is
Hecho Fresco or “made fresh” and true to its words, the Ori’Zaba’s chefs make all their food daily using the finest and freshest ingredients. In fact, there are no microwaves or freezers in any of its fast casual locations.

The restaurant chain’s unique concept was conceived in 2001 at Mount Ori’Zaba near Mexico City, Mexico. Since first opening its doors in Las Vegas, it has gained a massive following for its fresh, fast and delicious dishes packed with traditional Mexican flavors.

But Ori’Zaba’s is about much more than tasty food and happy customers. Over the past two decades, the restaurant chain has grown into a fan-favorite with award- winning recipes and a profitable franchise model. In addition, it takes great pride in is its unique veteran focus. 


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