Refreshing Artisanal Drinks For Summer

Artisan Drink

“Artisan what?” 

“Artisanal who?”

What does artisan food and drink have to do with Ori’Zaba’s? No, we are not Etsy, but we do specialize in scratch made, small batch drink creations.

Have you ever tried one of our homemade Agua Frescas? If you have, you have had an artisanal drink! 

Agua Frescas

We make seasonal varieties of our Agua Fresca, mixing and matching fresh fruits and even a veggie or two. Every day we craft a small batch from scratch, using only fresh ingredients, never frozen. We sweeten each batch with pure sugar or agave; no artificial sweeteners here! 

By making each batch fresh, every day, you get the most refreshing drink possible. Check out some of our rotating flavors…what’s your favorite?

  • Pomegranate Berry
  • Mint Orange
  • Orange Pineapple
  • Spinach Pineapple
  • Cucumber Lime
  • Hibiscus Agave
  • Strawberry Agave
  • Watermelon
  • JavaChata

The Cure for a Hot Summer

In August, temperatures are climbing. It’s just plain hot, everywhere, all the time! A refreshing drink that will satisfy your thirst and cool you off, is the only acceptable alternative to jumping in a lake! An Agua Fresca, any fruity variety will do, solves the squelching summer heat conundrum. Perfect for adults and kids, stop into an Ori’Zaba’s and grab one to go. Or pair with a meal and enjoy the fruit filled goodness in every sip! 

Psssst…. Parents, you can now choose an Agua Fresca for your kid’s meal drink!

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