Training Opportunities as an Ori’Zaba’s Franchisee

Why a Restaurant Franchise Is a Smart Investment

Ori’Zaba’s: A Valued Partnership With Comprehensive Training Support

If you’re considering becoming an Ori’Zaba’s franchisee, rest assured knowing that you wouldn’t be entering the venture alone. Not only do you have the benefit of beginning with an established brand and a loyal customer base, but you have access to valuable training resources. As an Ori’Zaba’s franchisee, you and your staff are empowered with a comprehensive training program and a strong support system. In-person and online training opportunities are established to help support you in all aspects of your business. The exceptional training we provide to our franchisee partners and staff is one of the many reasons Ori’Zaba’s is such a fantastic and successful franchise.

We offer a variety of training options for our franchisees and their teams:

Ori’Zaba’s University (OZU)

OZU is a role-based online training system that ensures every Ori’Zaba’s employee receives the knowledge, information, and tools they need to maintain the high standard of quality our Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grills are known for. OZU was designed to be a comprehensive and efficient training tool for our franchisees and their teams.

In-Depth Training

To ensure our staff is fully prepared to create outstanding quality food and deliver amazing customer service, we provide an in-depth training program. When you open your doors for business, your staff will be fully versed and ready to wow customers.

Made-From-Scratch Model

Your professional staff will learn to master made-from-scratch recipes using our proven model. We provide comprehensive training so they are prepared with the skills and knowledge to efficiently prepare delicious meals they can be proud of, and food that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Through a collaborative relationship, we work closely with our franchisees to make sure they receive the information, resources, and support they need to experience success.


To learn more about franchising opportunities with Ori’Zaba’s, call 952.388.4136, email or click here to learn more.

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