Unique Father’s Day Ideas

Unique Father’s Day Ideas

Father figures can take many different forms, from a grandfather to a neighbor or even a mentor. Father’s Day is the day to celebrate whomever you look up to as a father figure. This is the day to show your dad a little extra love and bonding time.

Father’s Day Ideas

Showing that special father figure appreciation can also take many forms. From a gift card to the token crazy tie, gifts for dad run the gamut. We’ve compiled a list of unique gift ideas for Dad, a few he will remember all year long! We’ve also got ideas for stay-at-home COVID celebrations, or things that will be possible in the future when COVID restrictions are lifted.

  1. Magazine subscription. Cars, boats, racing, DIY, wine? There’s a magazine for every interest!
  2. Tickets to a sporting event. Pick his favorite sport and buy tickets for the whole family to attend.
  3. Concert tickets. Father figure that’s not a sports fan? Pick his favorite music group and treat him to a live concert.
  4. Autographed jersey. Order a jersey framed or maybe one that can be worn.
  5. Clean his car or truck. Surprise him with a detailed vehicle!
  6. Make him (or order delivery) his favorite meal. Get out the grill and BBQ for dad, this is your day to bond with dad and make him feel like the most important person in your life!
  7. Craft Beer of the Month Club. The gift that keeps on giving and goes well with outdoor summer meals!
  8. Deck out his man cave. Thisman cave store has everything from darts to cool chairs.
  9. Homemade card. Dads like creative, homemade cards just as much as moms. Breakout your inner poet and write him some funny or meaningful prose. Find old pictures and create a collage of the good old days.
  10. Digital photo frame for the office. Load your favorite photo memories that dad can view all year long.

Sharing a Meal with Dad

Taking the time to honor your father figure with a conversation over a meal is a great way to bond on Father’s Day. It could be his favorite homemade meal, at his favorite restaurant or a meal delivered, so he can sit on his couch in comfort, while he eats!

Themed potluck meals such as a Mexican fiesta or Italian feast could be a fun way to get family and friends involved. Ordering buffet style catering or a build your own taco bar, gives everyone the chance to mingle, converse and get the food they love.

Whatever you decide to do for your father figure on Father’s Day, showing him that you care will be the best gift you can give!

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