What Are Some Franchise Trends to Expect in 2021?

While we’re still navigating the pandemic, it’s important to focus on the positives and keep our sights set on the future. The outlook for franchise ownership is promising. Franchisees already have an advantage over small business start-ups with training, support, and an established business model and brand from day one. In 2021, certain franchise trends are expected to continue after the changes 2020 brought. Even with an unpredictable economy, the resulting trends are presenting opportunities for the franchise industry into the future.


Drive-Thrus and Contactless Service

Delivering food and other products with social distancing in mind is expected to continue through 2021. In 2020, restaurants and retailers ramped up online ordering and implemented contactless delivery, and also increased drive-thru and curbside pickup for food and goods. With safety protocols remaining in place through 2021, these practices are expected to continue. New ideas are also emerging, such as providing small lockers for customers to pick up their products or food orders, grab-and-go style. Implementing technology such as infrared sanitation and robotics to achieve ultimate efficiency may also be on the horizon in 2021.


Strong Franchisor-Franchisee Partnerships

It makes sense that franchisors help their franchisees, providing training, support, marketing materials, and other assistance in order to help them be successful. When franchisees succeed, franchisors also succeed. The franchise model is a cycle, with franchisors and franchisees focusing on the same objectives, each playing an essential role in one another’s success. Franchisees provide long-term value to franchisors with ongoing royalties, and franchisors nurture the success of franchisees, providing tools, training, and support. This partnership mentality helped many franchises pull through the challenges of 2020, and will surely continue throughout 2021 and into the coming decade.


Embracing Diversity and Fair Pay

Social justice and equality are a central part of today’s society, and forward-focused franchises are embracing opportunities for everyone on their teams. Franchises and businesses across the nation are making a commitment to improving work environments, embracing diversity and multiculturalism, and opening doors of opportunity for everyone. Yesterday’s mentality of paying workers the lowest wages as possible in order to increase profits is over. The mindset moving into 2021 and beyond is that happy employees make a happy team, which benefits the success of the whole establishment, as happy staff members are more focused on meeting goals and serving customers well. Franchise owners and other employers who treat their employees well will benefit exponentially in the end.


The future looks bright for the franchise industry. If you think an Ori’Zaba’s Mexican grill franchise might be a good fit for you, fill out a brief web form and our Franchise Sales Manager, Adam Petersen, will contact you soon. Or if you prefer, call him direct at 952.388.4136.

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