4 Reasons Why Mexican Food Catering Is A Great Idea For An Event

Las Vegas Mexican Food Catering

Mexican Food Catering

Mexican food catering is always a hit with the crowd. Finding a catering service with a menu that includes exactly what you’re looking for is not easy. But, high-fives for stepping up to the plate to get this shindig in order! 

Now that you have your party planning committee badge on, you might be trying to find reasons why Mexican food being catered at your event is the appropriate choice! Here’s why Mexican food is a fantastic choice for your event.

Catering a party or event with Mexican food – especially when it’s scratch-made like ours – is fun, affordable, and a pure delight to the senses. Not only does it please even the toughest crowds, but it also lends itself well to being a conversation starter (i.e. who likes guac more – Gigi from accounting or DJ from marketing)?

To back us up, here are four reasons why ditching the same ole formal cuisine in favor of something fresh and fun is a good idea. 

4 Reasons Why Mexican Food Catering Takes the (Tres Leches) Cake

1. It Pumps Up the Personality

Your event won’t be boring, so the food shouldn’t be either. Take things from “edible” to “danggg, that’s good” by selecting vibrant food options that guests will love and remember. Whatever you serve will help set the tone of the event, so why not infuse it with a little personality and flair!

Plus, have you ever seen a person’s eyes light up like when they see an entire tray full of queso? Queso makes us all happy, this is a fact.

2. It’s Highly Customizable

Everyone has their own dietary preferences, needs, and restrictions. Thankfully, Mexican food is easy to customize.

Take, for instance, our family style, Build Your Own Tacos, or buffet style Fiesta Bowl & Bar. They’re both incredibly versatile and give lots of room for creative combinations of meats, sides, salsas, and more. Not many dishes can offer that range of possibilities. 

Don’t like beans? Leave them out. Extra cheese and salsa? Go wild. Half brown, half white rice? Innovative! Go for it. The sky’s the limit.

3. Mexican Food Is Essentially a Love Language

The people have spoken. Mexican food is so beloved that it may as well be its own food group. In fact, according to NationalTacoDay.com, Americans eat a whopping 4.5 billion tacos every year – and that’s just tacos! 

Stats like that take the guesswork out of wondering if guests will enjoy your food and drink picks. Statistically speaking, they will love it, crave more of it, and write you a snail mail thank you card with a real stamp on it. 

4. It’s Economically Efficient

Budgets can be a drag, but that doesn’t mean flavor or quality has to be compromised. Working with a team that is knowledgeable on catering options and packages can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making the most out of your budget. Plus, who says you need a lot to have a good time?

Ori’Zaba’s Catering Done Your Way

At Ori’Zaba’s, we don’t do blasé catering. Instead, we focus on bringing fresh, fun, and tasty food experiences to all types of parties, corporate functions, and special events in the Las Vegas area. 

And we do it your way


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Pick-up: Need it to go? We’ll prepare your order with care and have it ready for curbside or in-restaurant pick-up. 

Delivery: We’ll deliver your order straight to the event so you can set it up however you please. 

Full-service: We’ll arrive in style with the food, buffet tables, linens, chafing dishes, and staff. Plus, once things wind down, we’ll clean up and keep it stress-free.

Order catering online or call today to speak with a manager about your upcoming event. We will help you craft the perfect menu and drinks for a fun, stress-free, and tasty experience.

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